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Please Pray for
the Following Intentions

If you have a prayer intention that you would like listed here and in our monthly newsleter Cor Ad Cor, simply send us an e-mail at and provided the intention along with the statement to have it listed. You may also send prayer intentions that you would like prayered for but not listed, simply indicate in your message that you do not want the intention printed.

  • Betty M.: Pray for end abortion & for the young
  • Roseanne A.: Cure of brain tumor
  • Marshall H.: For Mr. S. R. for the salvation of his soul
  • Jacquie R.: End of abortion & euthanasia
  • Charles S.: For the intention of the Holy Father
  • Eddie F.: Special intentions or what is best, Peace and love in our entire family
  • Lawrence T.: For souls in purgatory, in honor of St. Anthony of Padua
  • Gustave DeV.: Special intention
  • Andrew P.: Return of the Latin Tridentine Holy Mass to every parish
  • Joseph E.: For the conversion of Bishop M. C.
  • Dominick Z.: Please pray for Valentino Z. who suffers with mental illness
  • Jacquie R.: For my brother’s blood pressure to come down to normal
  • Douglas K.: Thanksgiving 50 years married, 80 years age
  • Darlene W.: Reconciliation with J.
  • Eddie F.: Special intentions, in thanksgiving
  • Stephen C.: Health, BVM
  • John B.: Recovery of August Belmore
  • Louis: For the Holy Father’s intentions; for my special intentions
  • Anonymous: That my father takes Your Son into his heart
  • B, B, R, & B E.: May God look over John P. and keep him safe; Help to find a new home for my family where we can be happy at last, and my husband can keep his livelihood. For my parents, that all their problems are dropped for good. For Fran that all her problems are resolved very soon. For my sister, Mary, and her family. For my brothers. For my two sons. Help & guidance for all. Protection from danger always.
  • Anonymous: Pray for safety of daughter and her family from the evil in her neighborhood. Pray for the return of my family and their loved ones to the Catholic faith. Pray for healing from all addictions especially drugs and alcohol.
  • Anonymous: Reconciliation and forgiveness for Vicki and Stone. Recovery and health for family and friends. Conversion and lost souls.
  • Richard W.: That God will find a way for me to get to St. Monica's in my wheelchair, and that I may get more deeply involved with this parish as I go through RCIA.
  • Marie A.: Pray for my increased Faith. And for all the people that I hold dear to my heart.
  • Joe: that our bishop will allow our diocese to have the Tridentine Mass all the time
  • Charlene: The conversion of sinners and the relief of the souls in Purgatory
  • Bernadette: 1. For 100% orthodoxy in the Church in the Archdiocese of Seattle 2. Our Music ministry at our parish 3. My own growth in holiness
  • Anon: reconciliation in the marriage of Michael and Mary
  • Mark: 1). To be accepted as a Slave of Mary and 2). for a special grace
  • Joann C: For Fr. T. V.'s return to active priestly ministry For my son, J., to receive proper medical care for his mental affiction and become well. For my brother, F., and his sons, F. and C. and my dear friend, C.'s son, D., that they will all accept help in overcoming their drug and alcohol addictions and be freed from them For my father's conversion and salvation
  • Anon: 2nd opinion from my doctor, financial help, a better job that will work with me (be happier with) and success on my EEO complaints and also peace and healing in my family and the world.
  • Intentions of all the members of the "Jesus_kindness family group"
  • John T.: I have recently acquired a form of Leukemia.
  • Michael C.: Please pray that I may find a job that will help pay my bills
  • Michael E.: (1) Thanking God for keeping my life till this moment (2) Asking God in His infinite mercy to continue to protect me from all harms of evil (3) Praying for sucess in my Exams this year (WAEC and JAMB) (4) Praying for understanding between my Parents and my brothers and sisters (5) For financial breakthrough in life (6) For spiritual growth (7) To provide something better for me to be doing in future
  • Anon.: Need a major healing for my children and for my urgent money situatuation
  • Tom S.: For success at work, financial problems and success in life
  • Anita H.: Return of children to sacraments
  • John M.: Return to the faith of family members, Tridentine Mass in Raleigh NC
  • Patrick H: That Marieli R. will get a liver transplant
  • Sigmund T.: Return of the Latin Tridentine Holy Mass to every parish
  • Jacquie R.: Increase in holy vocations, end of abortion and euthanasia
  • Thomas O'B: For Claudia, that her hands be healed
  • Rosemarie F.: For Alfons, Rosemarie, Cathy, Robert, Michael, Cathy, Lori, Baby, Gerry, Anthony, Tarlaghas
  • Daniel F.: Health of Joseph F.
  • + Genevieve Spencer, Deceased
  • + Repose of the soul of Nicholas Romero
  • Andrew P.: Return of the Tridentine Holy Mass to every parish
  • Paul Z.: Poor souls in Purgatory
  • Leonard S.: Good decent jobs for Joseph, John,& Anthony
  • + Repose of soul of Mary H. Lawrence
  • Rose O'R.: A successful operation and cure for my brother, and a successful operation for me
  • H. M. C.: Health for my wife
  • Eileen W.: Baby Jory A. - special needs
  • + Repose of the soul of Pasquale Zavolta
  • Casimir Z.: For my health
  • Donald R.: Our Holy Father
  • Kathy S.: Family healing of all relationships, Joe - good job, Paul - Finances, to heal in body mind soul spirit
  • Eddie F: Special intentions
  • Mr. B.: Good health for my wife sandy
  • Jacquie R.: World peace, all poor souls, all dissenting Catholics to return to the church
  • Teresa W.: For Nicholas
  • Sandra T.: Brent, to transfer to the right college (Catholic)
  • Claire D.: Gerard D. - healing
  • Barbara R.: The recovery of my son Mark and his return to the faith
  • John B.: Conversion of father-in-law
  • John C.: Return of family to the true faith
  • Eileen M.: Employment for Terry
  • Rosemarie L.: Legal matter will be resolved fairly and peacefully
  • Brian & Doris M.: Conversion of Brian and Tom
  • Dorothy B.: Return to Catholic faith of family members
  • Eddie F.: Special intentions
  • Andrew P.: Return of the Latin Tridentine Holy Mass to every parish, health for my mother
  • Dorothy B.: Return to catholic faith of family members
  • Thomas J.: Return to the faith by son and salvation of my family
  • + George Weakland, Deceased
  • Ida M.: For all abused children & those in denial
  • Fred C.: For my brother - stroke is bad
  • Jacquie R.: A cure for my cousin who has cancer
  • Eddie F.: special intentions for good health, unity, peace, joy, love, and happiness in our family and others.
  • Andrew P.: Health for my mother; return of the Latin Tridentine Holy Mass to every parish
  • Rose J.: healing of injured leg for Chester J.
  • Carmen M.: Exoneration of R. M.
  • Sandra W.: Don's physical healing and family conversion
  • Dorothy B.: Return to catholic faith of family members.
  • Jacquie R.: The return of silence and reverence in our Catholic churches.
  • Judith W.: Thank you St. Jude.
  • Andrew P.: Return of the Latin Tridentine Holy Mass to every parish; For persecuted Catholics.
  • Kathy S.: S. family (spiritual temporal physical & emotional healing); 2 marriage relationships; All young people: Jesica - safe healthy baby; Paul (sp. need); Ioots (sp. need).
  • + Fr. Tom Halley, Deceased.
  • Dorothy B.: Increased family income.
  • Paul T.: Health of my mother.
  • Patrick H.: That 15 year old girl from Puerto Rico will get the liver transplant she needs.
  • Barbara B.: End to abortion; Relief for the poor souls in purgatory.
  • R. S.: That my husband has a miraculous healing of a tumor in his head, behind his eye, for God’s honor & glory.
  • Joseph T.: Rebecca T.
  • Mary B.: Special intentions.
  • Donald R.: Health of Joseph D. & William T.
  • Josephine G.: My family's salvation
  • + Hermenia Hinterscher, Deceased
  • + George Hinterscher, Deceased
  • Andrew P.: Health for my mother; return of the Latin Tridentine Holy Mass to every parish
  • Richard C.: Conversion of Stacy to the true faith
  • + Gregory Kendzierski, vibrant and full of life and love for God, died January 18, 2000
  • Dominick Z.: For Valentino Z., and Z. family
  • John B.: A holy and healthy and happy family. Consecration of Russia in the exact manner that our Lady of Fatima requested