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Sacred Triduum
April 12, 13 & 14, 2001
Latin Mass Community
Liturgical Schedules

Last Updated April 7, 5:00pm CDT

Check Back Regularly as this List is Being Updated Several Times a Day as New Schedules are Reported

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Please find listed below schedules for the availability of the ceremonies of the Sacred Triduum at churches and chapels throughout the United States and Canada.

For Additions and/or Corrects to the following listings please contact the webmaster at info@omm.org or by phone at 1-877-902-0753

United States:

Location Holy Thursday Good Friday
Mass of the Presactified
Easter Vigil Contact Information
North Little Rock, AR
Community of St. John the Baptist (FSSP)
St. Mary's Catholic Church
1516 Parker St.

at St. Patrick's


tel (501) 812-9155
fax (501) 812-9225
Cherokee Village, AR
St. Michael Church (FSSP)
12 Micanopa Dr.


12:00 noon

12:00 midnight
Oakland, CA
St. Margaret Mary's Church
1219 Excelsior Avenue
7:00pm n/a n/a tel (510) 482-0596
fax (510) 482-2093
Sacramento, CA
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (FSSP)
32d St. & Broadway
9:00pm 2:30pm 10:00pm tel (916) 457-7824
fax (916) 737-8930
Wheat Ridge, CO
Christ the King Chapel (FSSP)
1300 S. Steele St.
8:00pm 3:00pm 10:00pm tel (303) 657-8495
fax (303) 657-8496
New Haven, CT
Sacred Heart Church
190 Columbus Avenue at Liberty Street
n/a 12:00 noon n/a tel (203) 624-2751
Washington, DC
Mary, Mother of God
727 5th Street NW
7:00pm Stations: 3:00pm 9:00pm  
Mableton, GA
St Francis de Sales Church (FSSP)
587 Landers Dr.



tel/fax (770) 948-6888
Rockford, IL
St. Mary Shrine (ICR)
517 Elm Street
7:00pm 3:00pm 8:00pm tel (815) 965-5971
fax (815) 965-6029
Indianapolis, IN
Holy Rosary Church (FSSP)
520 Stevens St.
7:30pm 3:00pm 9:00pm tel (317) 636-4478
fax (317) 636-2522
Maple Hill, KS
Community of St. John-Mary Vianney (FSSP)
St. Stanislaus Church
701 Main Street (1 block South of US 24 on Main Street in Rossville)
Still checking on times Still checking on times Still checking on times tel (785) 256-4727
fax (785) 256-4115
Kansas City, KS
Community of St. Philippine Duchesnes (FSSP)
Blessed Sacrament Church
2203 Parallel Parkway
at St. Rose, 8th and Quineero
Stations: 12:00 noon
10:00pm tel (913) 248-1048
fax (913) 362-5808
Boston, MA
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
140 Shawmut Avenue
Tenebrae Wed. 7:00pm n/a n/a tel (617) 426-6142
Still River, MA
7:30pm 3:00pm 8:30pm  
Lincoln, NE
St. Francis of Assisi Church (FSSP)
1145 South St.
7:00pm Stations: 12:30
11:00pm tel: (402) 477-5145
fax: (402) 477-5159
Ohmaha, NE
St. Patrick Church (FSSP)
1404 Castelar St.
9:00pm 12:00 noon 10:00pm tel: (402) 341-1305
fax: (402) 342-5510
Berlin, NJ
Mater Ecclesiæ Mission
261 Cross Keys Rd.
7:00pm 3:00pm
Stations: 7:30pm
9:00pm Kenneth M. Leary
Director of Public Relations
Pequannock, NJ
Our Lady of Fatima Chapel (FSSP)
32 W. Franklin Ave. (First and W. Franklin Ave.)
8:00pm 3:00pm
Stations: 8:00pm
10:00pm tel (973) 694-6727
fax (973) 694-7629
Troy, NY
St. Peter's Church
Hutton Street & 5th Avenue
7:00pm n/a n/a Fr. James McNerney
Vienna, OH
Queen of the Holy Rosary (FSSP)
291 Scoville Dr.
7:00pm Stations: 2:00pm
8:30pm tel (330) 856-4204
fax (330) 856-9587
Oklahoma City, OK
Catholic Pastoral Center (FSSP)
7501 Northwest Expressway

tel (405) 720-2801
Tulsa, OK
St. Peter Parish (FSSP)
St. Augustine Church
1720 East Apache

was 7:00pm
12:00pm 11:00pm tel (918) 425-0486
fax (918) 425-2077
Pittsburgh, PA
Traditional Latin Mass at St. Boniface Church
alongside the Parkway North in the East Street Valley


Stations: 12:00 noon
Sermon 1:00pm1:30pm

tel (412) 766-0950
Scranton, PA
St. Michael Parish (FSSP)
1703 Jackson St.
8:00pm 3:00pm
At St. Gregory's Academy
tel (570) 961-1205
fax (570) 961-2284
Rapid City, SD
Community of St. Michael the Archangel (FSSP)
Immaculate Conception Church 522 Columbus St.
7:00pm 1:30pm 7:00pm tel (605) 341-1578
fax (605) 341-8751
Corpus Christi, TX
St. Michael the Archangel Latin Mass Community (FSSP)
Corpus Christi Catholic Center
3036 Saratoga Blvd.
5:30pm or 6:00pm 2:00pm n/a tel (361) 855-8244
Dallas, TX
Mater Dei Latin Mass Community (FSSP)
St. Thomas Aquinas Church
6306 Kenwood Ave.
7:30pm 1:00pm 8:00pm Fr. Joseph Valentine
tel (214) 887-8696
fax (214) 887-8717
Richmond, Virginia
Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church
8000 Brook Road (U.S. Route 1 at Parham Road)
7:30pm 3:00pm 11:00pm stjoes@monumental.com
Green Bay, WI
St. Joseph Chapel (ICR)
1502 McCormick St.
Still checking on times Still checking on times Still checking on times tel (920) 437-9660
fax (920) 437-5154
Wausau, WI
St. Mary Catholic Church (ICR)
408 Seymour Street
7:00pm 3:00pm 9:00pm tel (715) 842-9995
fax (715) 848-5615


Location Holy Thursday Good Friday Easter Vigil Contact Information
Calgary, AB
St. Anthony Church (FSSP)
5340 4th St. SW
Still checking on times Still checking on times Still checking on times tel (403) 252-1137
fax (403) 252-7796
Vancouver, BC
Holy Spirit Parish (FSSP)
9:30pm 12:00 noon 11:00pm  
Ottawa, ON
St. Clement's Church (FSSP)
87 Mann Ave.
Still checking on times Still checking on times Still checking on times tel (613) 565-9656
fax (613) 565-9514
St. Catharines, ON
St. Patrick Church (FSSP)
31 Chestnut St. East
Still checking on times Still checking on times Still checking on times tel (905) 680-0447
fax (905) 680-5168

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